Physica Inc. has totally changed my life for the better.  I am stronger and healthier than ever.  The staff at Physica Inc. is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health, nutrition and core strengthening.  I am grateful to have found them!     – Mirta B.

Not only are the people of Physica great at what they do, they truly care about their patients.  They are always on the cutting edge of the latest treatments and really work with you as a team.  -Joe B.

Dr. Hollis is outstanding doctor who clearly cares about every patient he helps. He is very knowledgeable and versatile. I feel so happy and I am finally free of pain. – MS

“My experience with working with Milka…

You may have heard the phrase “Random Acts of Kindness”.  This doesn’t apply to Milka, because she has a passion and is dedicated to being kind and helpful to others full-time.  It is in her nature to help others and it was an honor to be treated by her during my physical recovery.  I would strongly recommend enabling Milka to make your treatment a very positive and healing experience.   “

 – JCH

” Dr. Gronlund, the Physica team is very caring and knowledgeable! Thank You!” – DG
“As a patient recovering from cancer, I met Dr. Gronlund about a year ago and have been under her supportive care and wealth of knowledge and experience in working with the human body. Her warmth, positive and kind demeanor made it so easy to talk with her about all the struggles cancer patients go through in trying to return to some kind of normalcy in life. She has a genuine concern for her patients! During the past year, I have found my strength increasing while healing both physically and psychologically. I am so grateful for being under Dr. Gronlund’s care.” –TL

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  1. I can raise my ARM!! A surgeon wanted to operate because I haven’t been able to raise my right arm over my head…you can how difficult it was to put on a t-shirt. After 3 sessions I could raise my arm, now I’m doing weight training for strength. Dr. Hollis, THANK YOU!!!!

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